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Business Organization

At Harris Shelton Hanover Walsh, PLLC, we understand both the legal and business consequences when making strategic business organization and planning decisions. That’s why our attorneys take a holistic approach, advising on the legal, business, and tax aspects of business decisions, helping you to navigate the complex regulatory environment.

Business Planning

Harris Shelton Hanover Walsh PLLC maintains a broad-based corporate law practice that incorporates skilled attorneys from all divisions of the firm. The firm represents individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations in tax and planning, business formation, structuring and negotiating contracts, capitalization and financing and mergers and acquisitions.

At Harris Shelton, the focus is on developing long-term relationships with business clients, which allows for more in-depth knowledge of clients’ businesses and business entities. This ensures that legal solutions enhance clients’ business success.

Asset Protection
Business Bankruptcy
Business Counseling
Business Formation
Business/ Commercial Transactions
Civil Trials
Commercial Construction and Development Mergers
Commercial Landlord/Tenant Litigation
Commercial Lending
Commercial Real Estate
Community Organizations
Corporate and Partnership Taxation
Corporate and Entity Matters
Corporate Defense
Corporate Finance and Securities
Intellectual Property
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Nonprofit Entity Matters
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